Thursday, September 6, 2007

Email Issue Solved (smtp transport event sink to the rescue)

I was asked to make a small modification to the emails sent out when a new user is registered for an application. In 99% of the cases, this is a simple task. However, I found the 1% that it's not.

This is a rather large legacy application which I have not attempted to recompile yet. Recompile you ask? To change an email? Yep, the text of the email was stuck right there in the code. So to make my minor change, I would have to tackle this and do a significant amount of testing.

So I decided to look for an alternative and stumbled upon the transport event sink in the SMTP server running in Windows 2000 Server. This feature will allow you to register a script to run before the email is actually sent.

How to register a transport event sink for the SMTP Service in Exchange 2000 Server

So I followed the instructions, wrote a little script to handle my changes and went on about my day.

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