Monday, November 11, 2013

Getting started with erlcloud (Erlang AWS Client)

I've been reading up on Erlang and wanted to find a project to read through and gain a better understanding the the language.  I decided on erlcloud as I'm doing a lot of work with AWS.  Here are a few things I learned the hard way in the hopes of saving someone else some time.

After cloning the package from Github, you should run "make" to get all the dependencies and compile the code.  Rebar should work as well.

Make sure to check out the README file and setup your AWS credentials so they can be found.

To get everything started in the shell, you need to tell Erlang where to find the beam files:
MBP:/home/code/erlcloud$ erl -pa ./ebin -pa ./deps/jsx/ebin

Then once in the shell:

I'm guessing there is any easier to get all this started but I'm still learning.