Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Real leaders follow through on their promises ...

Very few times in history have leaders actually followed through on what they promised. Government Transparency was one of those promises and this simple serves to hide what our elected officials are actually doing. This generally leads to disenfranchised voters that simply ignore the process in future elections. I will vote in the next election and I will vote for Ron Paul ... even if I have to write his name on the ballot myself.

Read the following article from Salon ...

Rules of American justice: a tale of three cases

As EFF’s Trevor Timm put it yesterday: this is the “6th time under Obama someone is charged with Espionage for leaking to a journalist. Before Obama: only 3 cases in history.” This is all accomplished by characterizing disclosures in American newspapers about America’s wrongdoing as “aiding the enemy” (the alleged enemy being informed is Al Qaeda, but the actual concern is that the American people learn what their government is doing). As The New York Times‘ Charlie Savage wrote this morning, Obama has brought “more such cases than all previous presidents combined,” and by doing so, has won the admiration of the CIA and other intelligence agencies which, above all else, loathe transparency (which happens to be the value that Obama vowed to provide more of than any President in history).

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