Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Powering Nanorobots

Imagine that we could make cars, aircraft and submarines as small as bacteria or molecules. Microscopic robotic surgeons, injected in the body, could locate and neutralize the causes of disease—for example, the plaque inside arteries or the protein deposits that may cause Alzheimer’s disease. And nanomachines—robots having features and components at the nanometer scale—could penetrate the steel beams of bridges or the wings of airplanes, fixing invisible cracks before they propagate and cause catastrophic failures.

This is a fascinating read.

How to Build Nanotech Motors

Nanotech has implications in everything we do from healthcare to sports. It is the next great frontier. I believe healthcare will see the most dramatic improvements. One of the problems we face today with the treatment of cancer is that the tools we have are too large to attack on only the cancerous cells and therefore we lose a lot of healthy cells in the process. Nanotech will be able to remove only the infected cells and work at much faster speeds.

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